Restaurant tips in Bolzano

Welcome to the capital of South Tyrol. Nowhere else does South Tyrolean cuisine encounter Italian influences as blatantly as here. From classic taverns to real Italian restaurants, from fusion restaurants to the freaky concepts introduced by the youth of today. The selection is huge, so here's our best-of.


Also part of our family. South Tyroleans' favourite dishes are served in this traditional tavern in Bolzano. A place steeped in history. Welcome to Bolzano's living room.

Haute cuisine, informal & laid-back, minimalist & cosy.

Restaurant, pizzeria, place-to-be.

Nice little restaurant with the motto: Good food is good mood. There is also a view of the mountains and Bolzano's rooftops into the bargain.

Uniquely good Italian cuisine in an elegant ambience. Insider tip for fish lovers!